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10 Reasons To Quit Your Good Job

How will those who do not attend college, or who end up not finishing college, make a connection to jobs that offer a genuine career path: that is, reasonably stable paychecks, building skills and responsibilities over time, wage raises, and health care and retirement benefits? The most popular answer is that public policy should encourage more of these students should attend college, but I’m skeptical about that answer. SecondAct — a site tailored to the needs and interests of readers above age 40, with a mission to provide the inspiration, information, and hands-on know-how you’ll need to get the most out of life in the years leading up to and following retirement. Special section for finding your second-act career and/or opportunities for making a difference in the world. No cost to job-seekers.Job and Career

Visit the page to view a listing of new and emerging jobs, including knowledge and skills criteria, salary information and resources for training and education. Modified from My Next Move : New job opportunities are likely in the future. Careers on this page will grow rapidly in the next few years, or are new and emerging careers.

This is the kind of hub that high school students need to read! There are so many interesting fields out there that students aren’t aware of. You’ve explained this well from start to finish. Maybe you should write a book on careers and promote it to high schools! Not only is this informative but nicely written.

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