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10 Ways To Stay Positive In A Job You Don’t Like

Although it’s said that people of any personality type can be happy in any occupation, if you’re an ENFP you’ve probably found that you like jobs which are interesting, enjoyable and personally meaningful to you. Hi unsure – there are lots of jobs that pay decent money – it all depends on what you like doing or what you are good at – there is money to be made in computing, accounting, law, airline pilot, company manager, stock exchange trader, all require some degree of training of course but find something you like doing and learn how to be the best !

Get serious in finding out what skills are in demand in the new workplace. This is equally important for those who are searching for jobs and for those already in jobs. Nothing is secure right now. Change is the one thing you need to manage. Keep learning new skills and updating what you have.

In the worst years of the recession, even long established driving instructors with excellent reputations and years of experience struggled to make a living, or simply gave up due to the fact that the demand for driving lessons fell, while the supply of driving instructors kept on increasing (thanks to the TV and newspaper recruitment adverts by driving instructor training companies). The price of driving lessons then decreased as instructors competed for what customers there were.Job and Career

Multiple jobs, another rising trend, has underpinnings of economic necessity, as full-time jobs decline and wage structures do not offer sufficient income. However, many companies frown on this practice and prohibit their full-time employees from having other simultaneous jobs. The multiple jobs trend is visible in that many individuals will work for one organization for a few years, then change to another job in the same industry, or a different one. They may do this to seek greater job satisfaction, to earn a higher salary, or to enhance future job prospects for a better position.

I am a teacher. Before I was a college student then a secretary. I’ve also worked in the food industry and educational films and other kinds of jobs that weren’t really related to each other. Thankfully I learned a lot about the business world and computers and the information and experiences I gained helped me get more and better work. All of these experiences have been useful since becoming a teacher-now I teach career education.

Thank you for posting this lens.I myself am a fellow floral designer, and I worked commercially for five years in the trade, in both Boston and Aspen CO where I got a lot of really great exposure to the high end of floral design.Having worked in Boston, and even managed in floral retail, I would recommend Rittner’s over it’s funny how many professional floral designers have the same library…Paula Pryke is a great inspiration, and I would like to meet her and see her in action one day.