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Cyber Security Certifications – An Overview

The field of cyber security is expanding rapidly, with no forecasts for that growth to slow down. The need for qualified professionals is continuous, because of to the distressing rate of cybercrime.

Whether you are a financial company, an online retail store, and even hospitals today, you are not invulnerable to cybercrime long as you are connected to the web. Anyone with an email address or who is on social media account, is exposed.

But professionals need to have relevant credentials in order to appeal to present and future employers. Among the most effective ways to reinforce your current abilities and experience is to earn cyber security certifications.
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There are professional certifications that help you get an entry-level position, but the majority of them are made to help you advance your career. Grab these professional development opportunities to gain speed on your career path.
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Difference between Certifications and Certificates

Despite having similar names, these two credentials are unique from each other. If you’re looking around and encounter a certificate course, understand that this involves the completion of a program for a very particular end goal.

Offered by universities, colleges and community colleges, certificates are condensed degree or diploma programs that students can earn prior to entering a field.

On the other hand, certifications, which normally require passing an exam, are specialized credentials that professionals earn to prove their expertise and abilities in a particular area. Certification programs are mostly offered by professional associations and agencies, or by companies.

Other disciplines also recognize certifications, but cyber security and other IT certifications are unique mainly because they are vendor-specific. However, as the quality and legitimacy of certification programs can vary, make sure you vet any program you’re seriously considering before you sign up.

So how long do cyber security certification programs usually take? It’s all about the certification. Some require professionals to spend years getting on-the-job experience before they can even be considered eligible to pursue the certification. Others just need them to pass an examination.

Because certifications are organized around focused skills, it is always important to study, practice, and gain confidence with a different discipline prior to taking the final exam. When you are eligible, it will take a few months to complete most certifications.

Finally, part of the appeal of certifications is that they let you to make a worthwhile addition to your resume at a cost so much cheaper than that of an additional degree. The cost of cyber security certifications go anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

You may also need to pay for study and exam-prep materials. However, IT companies generally cover the cost of certifications, knowing they will benefit significantly from what their employees learn from the program.