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First, read our quick overview of Foundation Skills and understand generally what they all are. You can download a free PDF of the 17 Foundation Skills for non-commercial use. Commercial break!! Yes, I would like to take just a moment to introduce you to our son’s book: Free Marketing 101 Jim Cockrum was along for the ride, all the moves, and was a teenager when I briefly had my own business. I hired him on a few occasions to help me in this venture.

Child-minding. One of the ways that you can offer support to someone who is starting out on a new career path or pounding the pavement looking for a new job is to offer to watch his or her kids for a few hours. Whether your friend has job interviews to go to, night classes to attend or just needs quiet time to make important networking phone calls from home, free babysitting services will always be appreciated.

If you get THAT bored that you don’t care about your bills anymore, this is already a simple lack of responsibility. While not everyone can work at his/her individual special calling throughout their lives, they can plan toward that goal and take actions and make choices that will enable that goal to be more closely approached and met.Job and Career

I put this lens together for some ideas on finding a high paying part-time job opportunity. Most of these jobs can be found in any small-medium or large metro area around the country. Yes, even in depressed communities, you can still find these opportunities. I AM NOT SELLING ANYTHING. When you click on the link you can download the ebook free.

Additional Pro Tip: You should be using the Keywords approach to any text information you submit to a company if you want to be considered for that role, not just your resume. They will search submission like your cover letter or job descriptions you provide for previous work experience. Get your keywords in there every opportunity they give you!

Hi Nicole – thanks for the comment – yes you are right tips make up a large part of their income. The figures above are the official government figures, so I guess people need to bear in mind other factors such as tips when considering if they want to take a job on or not.