What's The Difference Between a Job and a Career

Career Opportunities In Information Communication Technology(ICT)

So, we’re in the midst of Job Shadow Week here at the U of A. (And yes, you did read that correctly… it isn’t just Reading Week.) Maybe this is the first time you’re hearing about it; or maybe you’ve already signed up, except you’re now on the fence about participating because you realized that you actually wanted to spend the entirety of Reading Week catching up on all the sleep you’ve missed… Regardless, I’m here to tell you why job shadowing is a GIANT step in the right direction! In the Vancouver, Lower Mainland area there are a large number of administrative assistants seeking employment. Although there are company’s seeking to hire for these positions, many appear to be rather particular about who they hire making it an extremely competitive job market.

I’m sure some people out there have a real passion for what they do, I’ve seen people say so on TV and I’ve read comments on here from people that claim that they do, but I’ve never met anyone at all in real life that really enjoys their job (/career) all THAT much.

Coolspear1 hasn’t created completely new careers, but instead did a major reworking of both the Scientist and Doctor careers included with Get to Work It’s best to just read the descriptions for a full explanation of all the things that were changed, but it’s mostly things that will make the careers feel more realistic and seamless during gameplay (like increasing the chance of emergencies in the Doctor career, or adding more co-workers to both careers).

In the 1950s many doctors believed that people with type A personalities were more likely to suffer from coronary artery disease. This thoery was based on the idea that people with type A personalities tend to exhibit many risk factors involving stress (remember our bunny – he was stressed, no?). Although this theory was later disproven, people with type A personalities tend to have traits (anxiety, stress, aggression etc.) that are in themselves risk factors for many illnesses.

Hello Patti, I noticed that you listed Technical Writer as #18 (right next to Funeral Director at 19) in your list of fastest growing professions. I have been a technical writer for more than 10 years and back in September of ’09, it took me 3 months to get a job. Just some trivia to add to your well thought out article. Also, see my article on Accidental Technical Writer (lists hiring companies) on thewriteword on Hubpages.

I am in the process of trying to set up my little business online and offline while working a job that I get a bit burned out of. Not that easy at all. And there is investment involved. But this lens give people hope and make people think in a bigger picture.Job and Career