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Career blog about career well-being and the education pathways to meaningful careers. First, you can share a carpool to work. Save gas and save money. You may even save a car payment if you keep only one car. Baby Wipes. Good for so many things. If something gets spilled on you. Quick removal of dust from the tops of shoes. Washing hands after snack. Carry some. They are worth the small amount of space they take up.

In-demand jobs do reflect the change taking place in society. It is interesting. I hope high school career counsellors are busy sharing this information to students. Solid list-I was a server for a while and it can be really fun interacting with customers to get higher tips!

Great post Patty! This is a very good outlook on what might be a good choice in careers or for study purposes. If one is confident about self and has the required qualifications, there is nothing wrong in trying something new. Today’s young generation loves to challenge themselves.

Save that investment for your family, your passions, or your career.” I’m going to use that. Apply for registration within 12 months of passing the final part of the examination. Net/net: you don’t want to find yourself as expendable because you have a limited offering. Always stay relevant, be mindful of industry trends, and continuously invest in yourself.

Nice list of areas of employment. I guess as most of us realise that to really have a secure income to support us and our family in these difficult times is create diversification of income streams. It is whom you know where I live. I know a few upper crust lawyers, politicians, and a few powerful ministers of churches WHO DO NOT beg for money for themselves, but orphans, homeless, and those who cannot fend for themselves.

Thanks for the good tips! I’m not sure if the package delivery would count, even with the benefits, but you’re spot on otherwise. Physical Therapists – Janet, Mike, and Barri are physical therapists that work at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Watch how they help patients.Job and Career