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As a Scientific Editor , I often get questions from graduate students, post docs, and PIs about my transition away from the bench. After a recent chat with a grad student at a meeting, I decided it was time to put together a post of useful resources for finding a career away from the bench. Because I am in publishing, my links tend to focus on that path, but all of the websites I list below have articles about other career paths as well. Hi Wayne, thanks for your positive comments. I have read your Hubs (and am a ‘follower’ of yours,)and they too have resonated with me. Interesting how ‘like attracts like’, and I am in agreeance with you that when positive energy is authentic, we receive it in kind. My motivations are to encourage others to live their truths with integrity and passion in their lives, so they too can reap the rewards on offer by the Universal energies.

The mobile Career Coach bus from the TennesseeĀ Department of Labor and Workforce Development will be on site, offering the assistance typically available at a Tennessee American Job Center. Services will include computer workstations with Internet connections, and job search and career exploration information.Job and Career

Reporting to the President of the Organization, the Director of Development serves as a key leadership team member and an active participant in making strategic decisions affecting ICERM. In partnership with the President, this position is responsible for all fundraising and development activities. The successful candidate will help forge new relationships to build ICERM’s visibility, impact, and financial resources. The Director of Development also will design and implement a comprehensive plan for developing key external alliances by cultivating individual, foundation and philanthropic support.

List your different careers / personalities and describe them concisely. If your different careers are somewhat related, this might be easier. For example, this might be a better solution if you are an off-Broadway actor at night and a voice-over artist by day. They are different careers, but one complements the other.

First, you can share a carpool to work. Save gas and save money. You may even save a car payment if you keep only one car. Baby Wipes. Good for so many things. If something gets spilled on you. Quick removal of dust from the tops of shoes. Washing hands after snack. Carry some. They are worth the small amount of space they take up.

People in all stages of recovery from illness or injury lose their homes. Some never get well due to lack of treatment and are too ill to hold down a job. Others get well but get pulled down by their medical debt and illness or injury related job loss. And increasingly, medical bankruptcy can result in homelessness.