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Sadie Holloway writes about enjoying the good life while living on a modest income. She loves finding creative ways to save money. And please don’t focus all your attention on one piece of software. There are no standard software packages that all companies use. A company may have their own in house software. It’s important for you to understand the underlying principals and develop your eye. If you know the reasoning you can learn to use any software but if you only know how to push specific key commands then you’re going to have a tough time. When ILM was doing Casper they were hiring 2D animators and training them to use the software. It’s much faster and easier teaching someone to use a tool than to develop the artistic skills and underlying concepts.

Looking at other personality systems that attempt a more ‘global’ approach can be useful, taking multiple interpretations and seeing where the over-lap is can also be productive. After all personality assessments are all (at best) beneficial tools and (at worst) encouraging avoidence of real but surmountable hinderances to self-understanding.

There aren’t many good jobs available and even with minimum wages jobs employers are being way too picky…it’s kinda like the housing bubble for employers…when is it going to crash? I mean needing a college degree to be a dog walker? Or a food handling certificate for Subway? Give me a break!Job and Career

Americans are vulnerable to forced career and job changes – this is the nature of our economy and our physical and mental frailty as human beings. I know this personally and from years practicing labor and employment law and volunteering at my neighborhood legal clinic. Statistics also bear this out.

like you, i also tend to want to work alone. don’t get me wrong, i used to love customer service because when i was working at mens suits, at jcpenney, that was the only job where i was truly happy. sure, it didn’t pay that much because it wasn’t commision based, but i liked it. because it gave me a chance to meet and talk to people more intimately on a one on one basis. however, all that changed when i couldn’t cut the mustard in sales there or at dillards. i was always good at customer service, but i was never a great salesman. sure, i lied to myself that i was, but i knew deep down that was false confidence.

I always go back to the old Tony Robbins quote, Change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change.” You have to ask yourself what about your job do you now hate? Maybe that will change and you can stay as long as you like the work. Is it a new boss, new company owners, something change in your personal life or your job duties? If you are actively job-hunting, there are ways you can research the salary if the time is not right to discuss it with the recruiter or hiring manager. There is (I hear groans from the HR readers), is another site to explore and your professional organizations may have offer salary ranges based on location. You might also consider finding a local career coach to help you manage your next step.