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Careers associated with the Artistic Holland personality type are some of the hardest to pursue – and the most rewarding. I took the Career Step Course in 2004 (?) and found it prepared me very well for a job as an MT. The course itself was great and I found a job very quickly after completing the course. BUT. The MT field is shrinking. Voice recognition is taking over and this is a career on the way out. Two of the companies I worked for have since gone bankrupt and I no longer do transcription work after being an MT for 6 years.

Everyone should make a reel for the type of work they want. If you’re targeting feature film or television work then do your own shots that involve what you see in feature films and television. (i.e. reality based composites, animation, etc). If you want to work in motion graphics then a reel demoing motion graphics would be the best bet. Keep in mind that the company probably have a tall stack of other vfx demo reels. To make yourself compelling to them you have to have a compelling reel. It’s all about the quality and range.

There are of course many reasons for the decline in U.S. manufacturing jobs (starting points for discussion are here and here ) or for the decline in U.S. rates of entrepreneurship (as discussed here and here ). But if fewer high school students are being prepared to consider careers in these areas, then perhaps it shouldn’t be a surprise when these areas don’t flourish.Job and Career

I am definitely going to be looking into these! I work like a dog (10 hour shifts with no breaks) for minimum wage…working nights i get by with the Overtime but I have NO TIME for my family! My daughter (who gets home from school 15 minutes before I have to clock in) is asking the babysitters if they are her new mommies! I work ALL THE TIME and I’m still gettin into NEW DEBT! SIGH Please, please, please… Let me find a part time job, that has benefits and decent pay!!! I will thank the author of this article for the rest of my life!!!

A letter of recommendation or testimonial. If you know the person who is changing careers on a professional level, giving a sincere letter of recommendation is a ideal for someone who is looking for a new job. You don’t even have to know the person through work to put in a good word for them. For example, you can still write a character reference for the individual that highlights the individuals strengths, acknowledges community contributions or vouches for the individual’s honesty, integrity, and upstanding values.

I’m surprised to see that so many retail operations are hiring. With the economic troubles, I would think that stores would be on the downturn. Perhaps Food Lion is hiring because their prices are low. I know our local grocery store has been cutting hours and laying people off.