What Is The Difference Between a Job and a Career

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So, we’re in the midst of Job Shadow Week here at the U of A. (And yes, you did read that correctly… it isn’t just Reading Week.) Maybe this is the first time you’re hearing about it; or maybe you’ve already signed up, except you’re now on the fence about participating because you realized that you actually wanted to spend the entirety of Reading Week catching up on all the sleep you’ve missed… Regardless, I’m here to tell you why job shadowing is a GIANT step in the right direction! Part two of what a designer does is organize: Hierarchy of the elements on a page helps the viewer get the message. Things like a headline, call to action and remembering to put contact information fall within the range of this often grey area of design. A professional designer knows to ask questions, and to educate the client when they fail to provide such details. Remember – form AND function. If you allow your client to forget the website or 800 number and nobody can buy their product – you’ve failed.

Great article. I found the information about BPO’s interesting. Never even thought a career could be made out of that. For the internship program, fluency in oral and written English is required. Knowledge of French is desirable. Knowledge of another international language could be an advantage.

I enjoyed working directly under an ophthalmologist because I was always learning something new, and that kept me interested in the job. I also enjoyed helping patients feel at ease during exams as well. To me, it felt like I was really making a difference in the patient’s experience, and that was very rewarding.

Thanks. This was very informative. Wish I’d read it before I sent my email to an agency. In my case though my ideas are around lyrics for songs ideally suited to specific products or companies. I don’t have ONE idea, I have many and feel I could adapt to produce for any request (been writing now for over 30 years but not in advertising).Job and Career

NOTE: Each of the top 8 teams in a LCS rankings receive $175,000 to be split between managers and players with minimum of $25,000 each person. Don’t try to make your decision in your head. You won’t remember all the details. You’ll lose track of the pros and cons. Write your thoughts down.

If you see an introvert and want to help him/her out, include him/her in the conversation, but try not to be too challenging. Whe s/he is trying to speak, try to let him/her finish his/her sentence, s/he will be worrying a lot more about what to say than you will, and so will take longer to think about what s/he will say.