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Legal Information on Tortious Interference Legal problems do happen to many people and they can be somewhat complicated. If you are dealing with a complex legal issue then you may be wondering what the term is for what you are going through. The legal terms for certain situations can be hard to figure out since most people don’t have any experience with law themselves and aren’t sure about how to address it. The legal term known as tortious interference is when someone intentionally and knowingly interferes with contractual negotiations. It can be when an entity or person intentionally tries to interfere with the fulfillment of a contract that can cause damage to a business. Examples can be someone getting in the way of a competitor’s contract so that their business relationship is damaged with another party. Other types of tortious interference can be interpreted legally as well. Another party doing this intentionally can cause irreparable harm to a business that relies on steady contracts for finances and for a good business reputation. The harm in reputation can cause a business to lose credibility and affect future business from being conducted successfully. The financial damages from such an occurrence could potentially cause a business to fail or have to lay off important staff. Needless to say, tortious interference can ruin a company in more than one way and cause irreparable harm. Neglectful tortious interference is when a person or entity is not intentional in their actions but are instead neglectful. A neglectful case may not be actionable in a court of law, however, as it can be very hard to prove. Anyone that thinks they are the victim of tortious interference should consult immediately with a lawyer to get precise legal advice. It is highly advised to find a lawyer or attorney that is experienced in tort law and business cases. Lawyers will examine the evidence and information that you present and let you know if they think this is an actionable offense that can be taken on in a court of law.
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The lawyer would help you sue the other party for the amount of damages that you are entitled to. It is important to cooperate and assist with your legal team as much as you can and provide them with what they ask for. Evidence that helps to prove your case can be just what you need to win. The amount asked for in a case will usually be based on the financial losses that were suffered and an estimate of future financial losses as well. The amount won in a court case such as this is largely dependent upon the judge presiding the case or the jury selected and what they feel is a fair award with the evidence that was shown in court. Skilled legal counsel can give you a higher chance at winning the case.3 Policies Tips from Someone With Experience