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Some Reasons People Become Homeless

It was more than a few years ago when I first read Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In: Women, Work And The Will To Lead , but one of the book’s themes has resonated with me since. Sandberg thoughtfully shares that it is better to think in terms of a career jungle gym” rather than a career ladder.” Ladders have traditionally been a metaphor to describe career growth, but this is 2017, and I can assure new graduates that success will come from a jungle gym of career turns and leaps. These maneuverers may seem risky in the moment, but will guide you to success as long as you do your part by always demonstrating excellent work ethic, integrity, and a willingness to learn. My stepfather who I hate lost his job about 5 years ago, because the company went bankrupt. After that it was all downhill. My mother used to work before she became disabled, now we’re waiting on her disability hearing next month. Hopefully she’ll get it, she’s been denied 3 times already. My sister who is so stupid actually quit her job, as if they aren’t hard enough to come by. She starting working for some call center, but you only get by the month if you take calls, which she hasn’t. So we’re behind rent $900, owe $360 for electric, $400 for phone bills. We have 7 days to get out of a rinky dink old trailer. We have enough money to stay in the motel for about 8 days and we don’t have a car. This is a small town, no homeless shelters for miles, no family to care. We just ask my aunt to let us stay in her car, she won’t even allow that. I just wish I had a tent.

After I left college, I started working for a retinal specialist, which was a much larger clinic. This is where I learned how to check a patient’s vision, read a glasses prescription and accurately check a pressure. I then went on to a much larger clinic where I was taught how to refract a patient for glasses along with everything else I’ve learned.

Don’t stress. Of the four panelists in attendance, only one of them had a job the March before their graduation date. They all reassured us not to panic at this point – there is still plenty of time to find a job, get into grad school, or make a plan. All of the panelists expressed that regret over worrying away weeks of their senior year, only to have it all come together in the end (for one of the panelists, on the day of graduation). The effect of this message was like a collective sigh of relief from the entire room – let’s try to keep that sigh going throughout the next few weeks.

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