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What Makes a Good Dog Harness It is the wish of every dog owner that his or her dog gets the care they deserve, looks good, stays safe and healthy. You may decide to search for the best harness for your dog with the sole purpose of securing him. A dog harness is normally used to secure canines almost in the same way a dog collar works. A harness protects the fragile parts of your dog’s body since it’s placed around the dog’s body thereby causing an even pressure distribution. Below are some of the qualities of a good dog harness. Durability needs to the first quality you need to look for when buying a dog harness. Ensure that you purchase a harness that is worth your while. A good harness should be made from a good material that is tough and withstands harsh weather as well as water. A good harness therefore should be worth each penny you spend and should be able to last for years to come. Look for comfort and if possible bring your dog along while you look for the right harness for him. The harness you buy needs to be comfortable for your dog otherwise it may end up causing more harm than good to your dog. Suede, nylon and fine mesh are some of the types of soft fabric you need to search for. Comfort therefore is another quality of a good dog harness.
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It is better to have a harness that is machine washable. No one wants their dog walking around in a dirty harness therefore choose a harness that is easy to clean and this will ensure that your dog stays clean all the time. Check the material first before you choose a harness for your dog. Therefore, don’t buy a harness that will give you trouble during cleaning.
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Small dogs are usually stubborn and a good harness will help prevent them from getting injured around the neck whenever they are playing. You therefore need to find the right harness for him. While at it, ensure that the harness you get is neither too tight nor too loose, rather it should be a good fit. Always remember that the wrong harness may do more harm than good hence you should strive to get the best one. You’ll discover that you’ve gotten the value for your cash at the end of the day.