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Getting the Most Service from Your Septic System

Septic service is offered by using the anaerobic bacteria activity. The bacteria will develop in the tank and decompose the water that is discharged into that tank. For those people who cannot access the main sewage pipes of the local government, these are the services that they use. The service of the septic tank is provided by the septic system made of two main parts. The first section is the tank that is in most cases made of glass, fiber, or concrete and is waterproof. The dirty water discharged from the homes goes through the second section, the drain field and goes to the reservoir.

The water will then stay in the system for some time so that the solids are separated from the liquids. There could be some serious threats to the health when this system does not work as it should. You should find a good firm from your locality to handle all the servicing of the system for you to get to enjoy these services.

Your tank needs to be emptied often depending on the size and the overall waste. For this reason, it is important for you not to ignore the need for regular review. In the case where a part of the tank breaks, the repairs need to be done as soon as possible. No heavy objects should be placed in the underground tank and the drain field.
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In the case where you notice some wet areas, you need to look into them as this could be a result of a system that is malfunctioning. You should ensure that no trees or shrubs are planted over these sections as this would mean evaporation cannot take place. However, one thing that you can allow to grow is grass as it will curb erosion and also be helpful in removing any water that is in excess from the area.
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It is not good to flush any solid items like paper towels as this can lead to blockage. The solids need to be flushed from the system on a regular basis depending on how frequent the water is used. The system will need to be pumped every few years, and this will vary from one tank to another. In the case where the system blocks or malfunctions, you need to call a professional. There is a lot of methane found in the unit and therefore avoid any temptation of going to check the unit by yourself. The gas is hazardous even though it has no odor and it will be able to kill you within a short period. You need to pay attention to the signs that could be an indication of the failure of the system.