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The Career Step Medical Transcription Course

General transcription is a flexible job that can be done at home at your own computer. In some cases you can even set your own schedule. Busy stay-at-home moms will appreciate this. During my work as a student welfare officer, I came into contact with an Unemployed Community Resource Centre, and learned an awful lot about this situation. Part of it’s remit was to provide ways to give people skills, help them fill in forms and get them back on their feet. It even had a shower facilities to give people somewhere to sort themselves out for an interview. It was an inspiring place – although sadly it didn’t last.

I’m a science writer. I look at the positions into which I could naturally advance,” and they’re all people who manage science writers. They make more money than I do, and they have more prestige, but I don’t want their jobs, because mine is more interesting.Job and Career

Lose page wipes and other easy things. Try to avoid classroom assignments. There are likely others with the same exact demos and if a teacher took you by the hand to do it then that’s of no value to you or your employer on future projects. You need to be the one to figure how to do it knowing your tools and then be able to execute it on your own.

PA CareerLink® Pittsburgh/Allegheny County provides a host of workforce services to job seekers, like to job search assistance and career counseling, training and skills assessments, resume writing and interview preparation, veteran services, services for individuals with disabilities, and talent matching — all at no cost. CLP—Downtown & Business and CLP—Allegheny each host a CareerLink counselor to assist library visitors that are looking for work. Click here to find dates and times. Walk-ins are welcome.

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Although school districts nationwide recently suffered cuts in both teachers and counselors, prospects vary sharply by geographic area. While tenured professor positions are as difficult as ever to get, college and universities are increasingly relying on adjunct and other non-tenured positions to serve increasing numbers of students.