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The Changing Face Of Jobs And Careers

At one time there were certain Jobs and Careers one could count on to always be there and pay a great salary. The teaching profession, law enforcement services, and even social services had very high hiring rates and one could be sure that career paths in these fields would ensure a retirement with a salary that one could live on for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, the face of the job market is changing and these professions appear to have been hit the hardest.

There are many reasons for this change in employment opportunities. One of the most predominate is the fact that they require government funding and the government is not doing well in today’s economic times. As one looks around and sees the number of homes that have gone into foreclosure it is easy to calculate the rate of taxes lost on a yearly basis. Without government funding, these career fields will not have the money to support prior hiring trends.

The consequences are far-reaching and affect people of all ages. With fewer teachers, classrooms are becoming overcrowded. With fewer police officers on the street, crime is on the rise. And with fewer workers in the social services office, fewer people are being helps and waits at governmental offices are much longer.

When one questions why this is taking place, it’s easy to understand when one considers the fact that governmental money comes from taxes. With the rising number of people without a job or home, it’s easy to understand how these great careers can no longer be supported in the way they were in the past. This trend will likely continue until people are able to go back to work, but they may have to learn a new profession which is non-government funded.

There are many choices today which are thriving even in tough economic times. Those in the technology industry have one of the highest rates of employment of any Jobs and Careers currently available. Additionally, many opportunities are available through Internet sources but, as with anything that sounds too good to be true, they need to be researched carefully before a commitment is made. For those who are seeking are a new career path, the first step is to check the funding source in order to ensure that the livelihood will not be short-lived.

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