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This autumn, the Early Career Blog is undergoing various changes, not least in the colour & choice of font. Whilst we make further changes, I am expanding & updating for 2016 some of the most popular posts – starting with this advice on structuring a cover letter for academic jobs. Below is a skeleton structure for a two-page cover letter, suitable for lectureships & similar positions in the UK as well as at research-intensive universities overseas. If you’re applying to a research-only job, then you could simply omit the two teaching paragraphs. This post is a companion to my last piece about preparing for an academic interview and is a re-posting of my latest piece to appear on the Guardian Higher Education Network ‘s website. I’ve trawled the archives to pick out common yet tricky questions, and I offer some ideas for how to handle them.Job and Career

Whether physically or mentally ill, many homeless people are disabled by their illnesses. I’ve read the criticisms and assertions that those with mental illness just need to straighten up and get a job. The problem is that anyone mentally ill enough to be sleeping in a cardboard box isn’t fit to work a job until he or she gets at least a little better. They aren’t faking; they aren’t just being too lazy to work. Mentally ill homeless people are just that – mentally ill.

Bottom line is everyone has to evaluate their own situations and desires. People get into this business from all different paths. It’s not like some other types of jobs where a BA in a particular major is required and would likely provide you a job. In vfx it’s not technically required and in any case may not help you with getting a job.

If you need a recommendation for an excellent training facility, I suggest the HGV Training Centre. No matter where you live in the UK, they likely have a facility located near you. Their 50 locations include vehicles of all types that will enable you to get just the training you need.

Make sure your headline reflects your choice (use your 120 characters well). You don’t have to list everything. Focus. A very interesting lens. I didn’t know the army didn’t issue serial numbers anymore. With the danger of identity theft, it would seem that the army would not put their soldiers at risk by using their Social Security number.

While most employers expect to train new employees in company-specific procedures and to acquaint them with the behavioural norms, standards, and expectations in their company (the Brand) as well as job-specific technical skills required, they are very clear that the schools and family should take most of the responsibility for equipping young people with general employability skills.