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Guidelines In Choosing The Right Maid Agency In Singapore

Are you in need of the services of a maid? Today, it is not that easy to find a trusted and reliable maid. Today, there are maid agencies where you can hire maids.
But, it is vital that you choose a certified, reliable and trusted maid agency. However, there are a number of things that you need to consider when hiring a maid. You maids are workers too, so it is important that they also have a rest day. There is a compensation if you do not allow your maid to go on a rest day. Next, the salary, it is very important that you follow the amount of salary that is provided by the government. It is important that you pay on time and in the right amount.

Not all of the maid agencies that are in Singapore are accredited. It is much more better and safer if you choose a maid agency that is under the Consumers Association of Singapore.

If you are still having a hard time finding the right maid agency, then you should search for a list of certified maid agencies. Unlicensed agencies may not have reliable and trusted maids.
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Unlicensed agencies can actually be jailed. You need to make sure that they are listed in the Consumers Association of Singapore.
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Below are the factors to consider when choosing a maid agency in Singapore:

A. The year when their licensed was given

You need to know when did the agency get their license. If the agency has been running for more than 5 years then you will know that the agency is reliable.

B. Their FDW placement volume

You should know the FDW placement volume of the agency. The higher the number the more reliable the agency is. If the agency has a high number of placement rate, then this will tell you that they are really serious and dedicated with their work.

C. The record of the agency

You need to be sure that the agency has a good record. The agency should not be facing any kind of lawsuit.

D. The retention rate of the agency

This is an important factor that you really need to consider. The agency will have a good retention rate if their maids have been working for the same employer for more than one year.

E. The transfer rate of the agency

It is important that the transfer rate of the agency is zero. This means that they have hardworking and reliable maids

These factors can really help you find the right maid agency in Singapore.