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A General Overview of Finding a Healthier Ketchup

During the summer, most Americans cook out fairly often, meaning that a supply of ketchup, mustard and other cookout friendly condiments is necessary to have one hand. Even when it is not summer, ketchup is used as a preferred dipping condiment for French fries and onion rings, as well as being part of meat loaf and organic pork meat ball recipes. In fact, the majority of American families actually go through a bottle of ketchup pretty fast.

But the truth about ketchup is that most leading brands of ketchup are actually not all that healthy. With most families trying to follow a healthier diet, ketchup may be on the list of condiments many families feel that they should avoid. This may be hard to do if you live in a family with kids who will only eat certain foods if they have been smothered in ketchup. This is why more families than ever before are looking for brands of ketchup that are healthier than ordinary ketchup.

Among today’s leading brands of ketchup, the biggest complaint is that many of them contain the sweetener high fructose corn syrup. High fructose corn syrup has been found in health studies to correlate highly with the development of childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes. This is why most families that are trying to eat healthy completely avoid products containing high fructose corn syrup. This is why finding a good ketchup that does not contain high fructose corn syrup is important to many people.
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Another problem with traditional ketchup recipes is the high sodium content. Some national brands of ketchup have a complete daily allowance of sodium in a single suggested serving. When you regularly consume too much sodium, you may end up developing high blood pressure, heart disease and it could even lead to a stroke. Most people use ketchup as a condiment on foods that are already high in sodium, like hot dogs, burgers and fries. This is why it is not really all that important for your ketchup to have a high concentration of sodium.

Last but not least, many health conscious parents are weary of ketchup that contain additives like preservatives and dyes. Certain red dyes have been associated with hyperactive behavior in children. Also, in most families, ketchup is used so fast it really does not need an excessive amount of preservatives.
What Do You Know About Options

If you would like to find out more about condiments that do not contain high fructose corn syrup and unhealthy additives, the first thing that you should do is search the Internet for healthier ketchup. When you visit a healthy condiments company you will find important nutritional information, ingredient lists for all of their condiments and even great recipes like the recipe for those organic pork meatballs mentioned earlier. All you need to do to begin is search the Internet for healthier ketchup.