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15 Step Action Plan To Change From One Career Field To Another

Below is a list of websites that may be interest to scientists looking outside of academia. This is by no means a complete list, so if you know of other useful sites, let me know, and I will add them in! The following job titles listed below were consistently highest in demand from December 2013 – December 2014. The number of positions advertised rose to a fluctuating 8 to 9 million from January to September of 2014 and stabilized at the high end of the range in July – August 2015.

The most important benefit of doing any certification is the Industry recognition and Spring Certification is no different there. Since Spring is the most popular Java framework and it is used almost everywhere from small companies e.g. startups to big organizations e.g. Investment banks. Similar to Oracle’s Java certification, Industry also recognizes Pivotal’s Spring certifications. You immediately get the trust of the employer for your knowledge and skill by looking at the certification logo on your resume.Job and Career

A bachelor’s degree and at least ten years of proven, successful sales experience is usually required to qualify for top positions in account management. Also, since managing other people is expected of those filling top positions in this area, most employers will also want to know potential top managers have managed people as well as projects, in the past.

There are only a few locations where visual effects for features are done on a large scale. Los Angeles, San Francisco, London and New Zealand are the largest. There are other pockets of work throughout the world, especially if you work in TV or commercials. That means it’s likely you’ll need to relocate to one of these metropolitan areas with all their pros and cons. Some of the downsides include a higher cost of living and heavy traffic with longer commute times. 12-hour days combined with an hour travel to work and hour back gives you only 10 hours to sleep and spend time with your family.

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I learned this mid-career and wish I would’ve realized it sooner. In a large company, you’ll have the opportunity to move around and tackle many different jobs if you so choose. There’s nothing wrong with this, but I’ve also learned that you have much larger opportunities to grow with expanded roles and sometimes better compensations when you take that leap from what’s comfortable and move to new challenges in different companies and geographies.