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From your first year to your last, and even after you graduate, we can help you in making career decisions, exploring careers, setting goals, and developing skills and strategies to realize these goals. Network Systems and Data Communications Analysts appear on the list at #1. Administrators may yet be within the top 25; I suspect that they are. Split your motion graphics and vfx work. People interested in vfx will be unlikely to want to see motion graphics and visa versa.

We are currently doing our best to help a friend who has become homeless. He defaulted on his mortgage, and despite finding a solution before the hearing, the judge said the Building Society could foreclose. He had only a week to get out and bailiffs came round and smashed up his crockery and personal possessions before the time was even up! It is an awful situation to be in, his parents are dead, he is estranged from his brother…. nowhere else to turn but friends. Nobody should condemn the homeless.

In other words, you should be investing at least some emotional energy into a career. You should be looking for ways that you can get promotions and raises and bonuses and useful resume-building skills and experience. This means always going the extra mile and doing tasks that are beyond your minimum job description, building positive relationships with people around you, and so on.

Age isn’t really a factor to smart managers. Unfortunately there are very small minded HR people and dumb managers. The main thing is to get a great demo reel, get up to speed on what ever specialty you wish to focus on (compositing, lighting, rendering, modeling, animation, etc) and create your credit list. You can list your role and projects and just list as uncredited. Realize your demo reel will have to match the quality of vfx in films.

Job seekers can receive additional support from these assistants in several ways. How good is he/she? Better skills = better chance of winning tournaments + better team contracts. In between I was diagnosed with Cancer and faced challenges myself. Thank God I overcame the challenges I faced, although I was not able to work for along time.

Positions may require advanced degrees in marketing communications, human resources communications, or related fields, and at least ten or more years of related work experience. Mike – You quit every job? Amazing. I’ve had a couple of lay offs when companies closed down and I admit that I flat-out walked out of one job. I surely hope the info I provide helps somebody.Job and Career