Difference Between a Job and a Career

Career Opportunities In Information Communication Technology(ICT)

Monday, May 2 is my last day of teaching. Not that I will never step into a classroom again, but it marks the end of my full-time employment by Macalester College. My responsibilities for the future will not require any teaching. I am looking forward to the freedom this phased retirement will bring to focus on my writing and other educational activities, but I also approach this date with some sense of loss. For forty years, I have defined myself as a teacher first. I am taking advantage of this column to reflect on a few of the lessons I have learned over these four decades in the classroom. THANK YOU for writing about INFP’s! I am one of them and am grateful you chose ‘us’ to focus on, when there are so many other types also. I am a Career Services Advisor helping graduates navigate the job search process. I am also a Certified Professional Resume Writer and love the combination of writing resumes that help people in their search, and the opportunity to work 1:1 with job seekers. It is a great career field. A book I recommend to the person who mentioned motivation is Refuse to Choose by Barbara Sher… those of us with many interests (but not a lot of motivation to dig into one specific area too deep) fit this very affirming book! Thank you for your great hub.

I’m a power line worker (set poles, string wire, work at heights) and I earned 130,000 dollars this year, not even taking all the overtime I could. Noise canceling headphones are also a favorite and you may need a set with a microphone for conference calls with the company you work for.

College, vocational school, certificate programs, journeyman trades programs, military service, religious community service (nuns and priests of several faiths, some of whom marry). Career fairs usually include booths for most of these programs and occupations.

But if you want to go to a higher level, educational qualifications and experiences are highly recommended. So never stop learn. This is a great lens! You really give a clear, concise overview of the entire career from start to finish. Well done. Where I have problems with my own introversion is situations such as parties where I still don’t feel comfortable because I don’t really have a ‘script’.Job and Career

These reports are great I need to plan for my future and some sort of direction is good. Thanks for the info. Nice one!! I believe substance abuses and alcohol is the main reason behind homelessness, and people can get into sober living with the help of different halfway houses nearby.

I’ve stayed wasted my whole life but always had a roof over my head. I had a skill and worked. After initial training and certification, the ophthalmic technician is well on the way to a successful career. The best advice I can give to anyone seeking to make this allied health field into a lucrative and rewarding career is to keep learning.