What Is The Difference Between Job and Career

Difference And Comparison

Making a career choice these days is getting tougher, and not everybody gets a career in engineering and medicine; nor can many of us become the part of the bureaucracy élite. Proud to say, I am a nurse working in drugstore as pharmacy assistant/ pharmacy technician and all my co workers are also a nurse. We are working not just to sell or dispense a medicine we also giving them a counseling regarding their illness and the proper intake of medicine, because some of them are not properly inform after their consultation or they forgot since we all know that most of doctors prescription are not readable for non medical professional. Base on my experience I am happy to serve them by giving their needs.Job and Career

While more Baby Boomers (born ages 1946-1964) tend to be in leadership roles and management; the Millinnials are responsible for doing the work. In 2015, the Millennials (born 1982-2000) became the largest generation in the workforce. 28% of millennial responded to a recent survey saying they are already in supervisory/management positions. A full two-thirds say they expect to be in management by 2024 according to a recent study. And yes, there are often generational stle clashes. I hear of more issues when Boomers report to Millennials than the other way around. The oldest GenX members turned 50 in 2015. As long as everyone stays focused on the organization’s goals, you both win! It is important not to label people—this answer was filled with descriptions to define the generations.

Fortunately this isn’t as much of an issue now as it would have been when the corporate ladder was the only choice available. Changing career is much more acceptable these days, as are career choices such as having a portfolio career (getting income from a number of part-time jobs or project work), freelancing and setting up on your own. And as long as they are comfortable with the level of financial insecurity that can sometimes come with career choices that don’t follow a standard career path, these more project-focused work patterns may be more suitable for people of this personality type.

Match your most relevant qualifications to those required by a specific company or agency in a Job Title and/or Industry. Take time to research the company well enough to learn what is required by the company culture and the job title in which you are interested. In this way, you can perform a proper matching of your qualificatons with company requirements in your Objective.

I liked this article. Career planning is a great tool that is needed desperately in my area of the country.I believe that if more adults experienced fulfilling careers alligned with their passions they could move outside of traditional employment, and it would be second nature to raise children who can clearly see that traditional employment is good, but it is not the only earning opportunity or way to build wealth.

Backgrounds of top marketing research officers usually include a bachelor’s degree or higher, in business, statistics, or some other area of specialty, as well as ten or more years of experience in positions that have helped refine judgment/critical thinking skills, while providing a solid foundation in the concepts and practices of marketing research.