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If you’re an active duty military member or veteran, you must complete the same online application forms as new students. If you have already attended NCC at any time in the past, apply as a Returning Student. Great post – and oh so true. I am just now going back to a part-time job that I left back in April. My (old) manager wants me back there because when I was there before, I did more than was expected – I took care of things that an assistant manager should be doing instead. It wore me out, though, and I felt – and rightfully so – that I wasn’t getting paid enough for the work I was doing.

Modders and CC creators have increasingly begun to upload their content onto their own sites instead of ModTheSims (for many reasons, but that’s another article). There’s nothing wrong with that, but you need to be careful, as some creators hide their download links behind a thing called AdFly, or host their downloads on really spammy sites. The best thing is to use AdBlocker when downloading; it’ll keep you safe from viruses or overly spammy AdFly pages!

My CPA review course is fast paced, exciting, and focused on getting you ready to pass this notoriously difficult test. My lectures and materials concentrate on delivering just what you need to know to pass, so you don’t have to study useless or outdated information. I write my own CPA review textbooks to compliment my world renowned classes, so you know you’re getting the information from somebody who knows the subject matter. I also update my materials twice per year, which allows you to always have the most current and heavily tested information. Instead of having a random instructor reading from an old textbook or showing you a pre-recorded lecture, you’ll get energetic and funny classes that will keep you awake and motivated! And you can choose between three course types: Live , Online , and USB Drive I teach all of our classes, so you’ll always have consistent quality of instruction. Finally, I offer my course at prices that beat my competitors hands down.

I find the article very helpful, and I am going to subscribe your podcast faithfully.Currently, I am fighting with the idea of should I stay in University or go to college. I know I have art talents and want to apply them into animation and visual effects, and University just doesn’t offer me that. I am thinking to go to Sheridan College in Canada to be exact. What do you think is right to do, stay in University or go to Sheridan for my interest? Scott, as an industry insider, can you tell me is there a need for special effect artists or is the market being overwhelmed and saturated? One of my tentative thought is to do TV commercial making or film making with visual effects in Mainland China, do you know anything about the market down there? Sorry for so many question, I just want to make sure that I am going to the right direction. Thanks for putting up the awesome article again!

With your newly filled out profile (since you dutifully followed tip #1), you can start to explore a newsfeed” of jobs and internships on the Home” page of your account that match your expressed interests. This page will also display job and internship postings that Career Advisors have pinned to students with your major and interests. So whether you’re just starting out on your internship search or looking for a career change, your Handshake account can help you filter though the aforementioned 2,000+ jobs and internships!Job and Career

The composition of this objective statement can be very challenging, because many people simply do not know what to include in the statement. These individuals sometimes resort to over-used objectives given them by friends, sample resumes, or out-of-date resume preparation books.