What's The Difference Between a Job and a Career

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Of course these are very subjective things, so this page has a list of jobs that are popular with ENFP personality types in a lot of different areas. That way you can get an idea of the many different options open to you. For example, a counselor can’t set your goals for you. He or she will just help you clarify them and assist you in finding strategies to reach them. You must amend your action plan over time as your goals change, your priorities change, and your career grows.

When job-hunting you need to present yourself in the best possible light. Accentuate your strengths. Make sure that all of your skills and abilities are clearly expressed. State what you are looking for. Visualize and rehearse your ideal interview. Dress for and act the part you wish to secure. Become the perfect candidate for the job you want and the job will be yours!

This may sound silly, but many people who have never been sick (often teenagers and young adults and otherwise healthy folks) have very little compassion and consideration for patients that are legitimately sick. Others are actually uncomfortable around illness. But nurses understand illness. Training and nursing experience provide an excellent background for caring for patients who show up in the pharmacy often feeling miserable. I have had customers break down and cry and have watched as some technician just stood there speechless not knowing what to do or say. It’s not that they didn’t care, they just didn’t know what to do. Nurses know. They excel in this atmosphere.

nora – same thing happened in a high school math class of over 50 in Central Ohio – the class met in a musio room with stadium seating. Teacher attended to the students that came down to the front (about 15), the other kids played in the back or left the room and it was their loss, I guess.

Americans are vulnerable to forced career and job changes – this is the nature of our economy and our physical and mental frailty as human beings. I know this personally and from years practicing labor and employment law and volunteering at my neighborhood legal clinic. Statistics also bear this out.Job and Career

When people work in an environment that meets their needs, they will usually perform at a higher level for a longer period of time. So, if you are the leader, let people work on tasks and in environments that meet their needs (at least as much as you can). If you do this well, you will get better results.

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