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Julie Walters, employer engagement specialist with Nova Scotia Works, says the goal for Yarmouth Job & Career Fair organizers was to attract local employers who had immediate vacancies. If you experience technical difficulties or have a disability and require assistance with the job application process, email jobstreetsupport@ or call (617) 664-0007. Please include the job requisition number, job title and location in your message. Information related to the status of a job application will not be provided.

Hello! I just read your article on the medical transcription program at Career Step. I, too am a stay at home mom. I am also trying to find something I can do at home so I can stay home with my son. I see that you are no longer pursuing your program and started your own business. Is there a reason you no longer pursued the medical transcription? Any advise would be greatly appreciated? Thank you!

We provide you with the vehicle to help you create the financial freedom you’ve been dreaming about because It’s so much easier to see your job as a means to an end and as something to keep you going full force while you work on your real dreams! Your job don’t have to be a cage you want to break free from, because when you end of looking at it that way, it actually keeps you stuck living paycheck to paycheck!!!

Being unemployed hit our family hard, we had all the usual expenses, rent, car, utilities, diapers, groceries, etc. I was not a believer so I didn’t even think to call on God or ask others to pray. After several days of finding someone to babysit so I could job search, I established a day care for unemployed moms in my home. We all alternated watching each others children during interviews and Unemployment Office appointments. That day care became a home day care once many of us finally got jobs.

Physical science offers so many great job opportunities if you can handle the level of education required. My hubby works in the nuclear power industry and loves his job but it took a degree in physics to do it. Not an easy educational path but the effort was worth it.Job and Career

read through some of the comments. in my experience I’ve had no problem getting work but I’ve always had valid documents and never told anyone my situation. as long as you’re capable of accomplishing the tasks of the job then i don’t believe anyone needs to know.