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Why Don’t Homeless People Just Get Jobs?

One year into your first real job out of college is a perfect time to update your resume. You have had some experience in a new industry and you have a better idea of what people in your field are looking for in a resume. Hopefully at this point you also have a better idea of what YOU are looking for in your career path as well, which will allow you to tailor your resume to the next step you want to take. As a newcomer to vfx don’t worry about the specifics of the workflow or time management before working somewhere. That will vary and that’s the reason there are leads, supervisors and others. They will be telling you what your priority is and what the different deadlines are. They will be telling you where you get your elements and how the flow works there on that show. Your focus should be on knowing vfx techniques and knowing your tools well enough to do good work efficiently.

There is a very in depth story, in the Bible, about a young man, one of 12 sons, who was favored by his Mom, and his Dad saw so much potential in him he had a special piece of clothing made for him, but none was made for the other brothers. To top it off, most of the brothers were older, yet, this young man had a dream that he would rule over the others in the future. Instead of pondering the dream and waiting for it to come about, he bragged about it to the brothers, not gaining any favor from them.

These are the classic mistakes that most people make, (myself included). First and foremost is to pursue what you love! Chase your passion and never, never give up! Don’t worry about the money. Do what you can as long as you enjoy it, even if it’s for free! Of course you may have to do other things to make a living until you reach your occupational goals, but continue to focus on what brings you joy. Network in the field that you love. Talk to others in that field. Socialize with them if you can. Eventually it will pay off, you simply must be persistent.Job and Career

The people part of a workplace can be very important to ENFPs. We want to be appreciated, to like the people we work with and to be able to build positive and supportive relationships. And we thrive on being able to help people, whether it’s our co-workers or customers.

Making money from the work you do is in line with the Universal Spiritual Law of Giving and Receiving. The energy and vibration of your intentions will dictate the viability of your spiritual endeavour. If you enter a spiritually based career with the sole intent of making money and/or finding fame, then you are most likely to fail. It is appropriate to earn an income from your spiritual work, but it can not be your main focal point.

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