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Ofo bicycle sharing system was initiated in 2014, and is the first company around the globe that operates non-docking” bicycle rental system on the Internet. Its innovative idea of sharing economy + smart appliances” aims to solve the commute problems on the last mile”. Ofo has provided commuters with a convenient, affordable and low-carbon way of traveling, greatly reduced the urban traffic congestion, saving energy and optimizing the utilization of city resources. From the student point of view, imagine someone who has struggled to make it through K-12 schooling, perhaps consistently ranking in, say, the 30th percentile of academic performance. That person has for years received a consistent message that academic studies are not their strong point. Telling such a person that the route to adult success involves yet more years of study, this time in a more academically intense environment where they are likely to be closer to the bottom and to struggle even harder, doesn’t seem like a positive message to send.

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